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Ponte Vedra Location - Closing 10/29/22

To Our Faithful Patrons:

Praise and honor is how we have always defined Kudos Massage Therapy and our work has been a direct reflection of those beliefs.

With that being said, outside factors such as finding qualified massage therapists to meet the needs of our patrons and rising operating costs has led us to make our toughest decision yet. Kudos Massage Therapy has served and been a part of the Ponte Vedra Community since 1993, yet with sorrow in our hearts, we are making the decision of consolidating our locations to one. That location will remain being our Jax Beach location just 4 miles north of our Ponte Vedra location beginning October 29th, 2022. We have expanded that location to fit an additional therapy room. This will benefit you, our faithful patrons, by keeping the cost for our services reasonable and making appointments feasible, by having multiple therapists working at the same time in one location. We truly cherish the relationships we’ve developed for the past decades and we hope to see each of you embracing our Jax Beach location as your sanctuary for healing and relaxation. In your service, Pedro A. Figueroa, LMT


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